Inkjet Coder Mounting Machine

Inkjet Coder Mounting Machine

Inkjet Coder Mounting Machine, in any paper, film and foil conversing industries, the Winder/Rewinder (Doctor Machine) is used widely for on-line printing of Mfg. Dt., Exp. Dt. B. No. etc. using Ink- jet printer or other contact coding machines from Roll to Roll at high speeds & then these printed roll are used in various packaging machines.


Inkjet Coder Mounting Machine

Cantilever design balancing body for easy loading and unloading of parent / rewound reel. Movable unwind stage for Edge guiding System (Hydraulic Web Aligner).
Mechanical 1.5 / 2.5 Kg. Optional Magnetic powder brake with tension controller & Torque control potentiometer.
Provision for incorporating Ink Jet Printing System with Hot air ink drying.



M.S. CHANNEL FRAME BODY with mechanical clutch & break unwind / unwind system, unwind / rewind shaft & cones for printed material holding cores for printed material cores, alu- guide roller & all other standard accessories.



Web Width / Weight : 75-500 mm./100 Kg. (Above 500 mm – Heavy Duty Machine)
Max. Max. Parent Reel Dia : 400 mm.
Max. Rewind reel dia: 400 mm.
Rewind Core Dia: 76mm
Motor : 2 HP DC motor
Max. Designed Speed : 100 to 150 Mtrs. / min

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